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Happy Sunday πŸ‘‹

I’m back in SoCal for the long weekend.

The more time I spend here, the more I realize why people choose to live here despite getting taxed into oblivion.

Switching gears.

This is our weekly email of what you missed at Confluence.VC over the past week. This includes:

Deal flow through Commonapp.VC

VC job opportunities shared on our job board

New investors that joined the community

Other recs we think you’d get some value from

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Five startups raising through Commonapp.VC

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πŸ†”Β Column: Column is a decentralized identity protocol. (Seed | Web3)

🏦 Pine: Pine provides liquidity in crypto in exchange for rebates and spread. (Seed | Web3)

🎁 BeHerVillage: Symphony is an SEC compliant exchange of music royalty backed securities. (Pre-Seed | Parenting)

🎡 Symphony: Symphony is an SEC compliant exchange of music royalty backed securities. (Pre-Seed | Fintech)

🌿 Toke: Toke is an AI-driven on-demand cannabis delivery platform. (Pre-Seed | AI)

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Featured investors in talent collective

Partner that has deployed $20m since 2019 (SF, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Operations associate that built the strategy at a seed fund in Europe (London, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Managing Partner-level investor that has built two funds and an angel group (NY | Venture | Ready to Interview)

IR associate with previous experience raising funds (Boston, NY, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Current associate with six years of VC experience (NY, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)


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Featured venture jobs

NYCA is looking for an associate in NY

Point 72 is looking for an associate in NY

Jump is looking for an investor in Chicago

Picus is looking for an analyst in NY

Samsung Next is looking for an investor in Mountain View

Lerer Hippeau is looking for an analyst in NY

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Welcome to the community

Membership – Confluence.VC

What all do new members get?

Rebecca Bannan (Investor @ Folklore Ventures)

Giselle Melo (GP @ Matr Ventures)

Tim Hoag (Principal @ TCV)

Tobin Krieg (Principal @ Falkon Ventures)

Louis Marlow (Investor @ Creator Fund)

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Clay and Tyler

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