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Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ‘‹

Wanna know the only good thing about not having a boat in Texas?

I have to get to work while everybody with a boat is out on the water. What a tradeoff.

Enough of that sob story – switching gears!

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Five startups raising through Commonapp.VC

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๐ŸŽตย Symphony: Symphony is an SEC compliant exchange of music royalty backed securities. (Pre-Seed | Fintech)

๐ŸŒฟย Toke: Toke is an AI-driven on-demand cannabis delivery platform. (Pre-Seed | AI)

๐Ÿ“ฒย GrowDoc: GrowDocAI provides advanced AI-driven diagnostic solutions for agriculture, turning smartphones into tools that pinpoint cultivation problems. (Seed | Agriculture Tech)

๐ŸŒ Borderless HR: BorderlessHR is an AI powered End-to-End Talent Solution for SMBs that enable them to hire and manage talents across the world seamlessly. (Pre-Seed | Future of Work)

๐ŸŽย Mimicry: Mimicry is upending the pharmaceutical industry with the first ever alternative to animal testing. (Pre-Seed | Biotech)

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Featured investors in talent collective

Managing Partner-level investor that has built two funds and an angel group (NY | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Current senior analyst with background in data science (NY, SF, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Partner that has deployed $20m since 2019 (SF, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Operations associate that built the strategy at a seed fund in Europe (London, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

IR associate with previous experience raising funds (Boston, NY, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)


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Featured venture jobs

NYCA is looking for an associate in NY

Diagram is looking for a value creation lead (fintech) in Toronto

Antler is looking for a principal in Boulder

M13 is looking for a VP of Finance in LA

AngelList is looking for a remote venture associate

Capital Factory is looking for a venture associate in Houston

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Jonathan Mercado (Investment Associate @ First Bright Ventures)

Katelyn Vierk (Senior Analyst @ High Alpha)

Eric Blumberg (Founding Partner @ Aqua Ventures)

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