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Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ‘‹

Itโ€™s Clay. Iโ€™m ten days in to the NYC trip. Do people ever get used to living here? So different than every other place Iโ€™ve lived.

Switching gears.

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Five startups raising through Commonapp.VC

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๐Ÿ”Žย contaayuda: Tax automation for accountants in LatAm (Pre-Seed | Fintech)

๐Ÿ  eeva: eeva is a home management platform that helps families keep tract of all the home’s data, and with our AI model, they can recall, predict, and forecast problems before they happen.ย (Pre-Seed | AI)

๐Ÿ•น Apollo: Apollo is a gaming and eSports media platform, acting as a social network for gamers and a one-stop destination for fantasy eSports. (Pre-Seed | Entertainment)

๐Ÿ“ˆย RoboAd: We built an AI tool that analyzes websites, creates ads and campaigns for companies and digital marketers. (Pre-Seed | Marketing)

๐ŸŽง WISDOM: This unique, one-of-a-kind AI music production assistant analyzes and learns the producerโ€™s patterns/techniques from the beginning of the workflow to the end.ย (Pre-Seed | AI)

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Where VCs find their next gig

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Featured investors in talent collective

Fund manager at micro VC focused on pre-seed and seed companies (NY, SF, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Analyst at one of the top five funds focused on URMs (NY | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Fund manager with deep experience working with healthcare accelerators (Calgary, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

B2B SaaS associate that has invested in 25 funds and sits on two boards (NY, Philly, Boston, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Board of Directors at one of the largest fintech CVCs (SF, Dallas, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Managing Partner-level investor that has built two funds and an angel group (NY | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Current senior analyst with background in data science (NY, SF, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

Partner that has deployed $20m since 2019 (SF, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

IR associate with previous experience raising funds (Boston, NY, Remote | Venture | Ready to Interview)

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Featured venture jobs

Dropbox is looking for a remote venture associate

Jump is looking for an early-stage VC in Chicago

Picus is looking for an analyst in NYC

BDMI is looking for an analyst in NYC

Lerrer Hippeau is looking for an analyst in NYC

Pantera is looking for an associate in SF

Tribe is looking for an analyst in SF

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Four newest additions to the community


What all do new members get?

Tanaka Tava (Analyst @ MaC)

Zach Rubin (Platform Manager @ Las Olas)

Grisel Hernandez (Associate @ Chingona Ventures)

Kevin Lehmann (GP @ Goods Ventures)

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