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Good morning πŸ‘‹

Clay here. I have a confession.

I have no idea what the future of VC looks like.

I know one thing though, and that is that the next era of investors will be forced to use technology more efficiently than the previous era.

Today, we have funds managing billions of dollars that are being run on a combination of Microsoft Office and manual labor.

In the future, these types of funds won’t be able to compete.

Mastering ChatGPT is low-hanging fruit right now, and we’ve started collecting some of our favorite VC prompts within the community home page.

This week’s piece is from Bernardt Vogel, and it goes deeper into how he is using ChatGPT to give himself more leverage as an investor. The prompts are linked so you can start testing for yourself.

Check out his full piece on Substack for more.

Strategy landscaping:

Prompt: Assume you’re a VC investor for a health tech fund. In which disease are as is there most room for disruption?

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Market sizing:

Prompt: Assume that you’re the CEO of a start-up working on a B2B mental health platform and you’re specifically targeting your offering toward tech companies that are headquartered in the USA. For a presentation, you need to size the market and you’re looking for numbers on TAM (total available market), SAM (serviceable available market), and SOM (serviceable obtainable market).

Please share some initial ideas on how you would go about estimating TAM, SAM, and SOM including some potential sources for data. Please limit your answer to 200 words.

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Strategy: Competitive map

Prompt: I’m interested in mental health. Could you share 10 start-ups that focus on prevention in that space and who recently received a large funding round?

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Strategy: Pestel

Prompt: Could you share a PESTEL analysis on a B2B service that provides mental health in the workplace, such as Fika, focused on the US market in a table format?

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Insights: Trends

Prompt: What are some at home coffee drinking trends that became popular around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic? Please share the countries or regions where the trends originated.

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Insights: Consumer journey

Prompt: Can you outline what a consumer journey could look like on Thrivefy? Please outline in a table format the key phases, key touchpoints during each phase, 1 or 2 jobs to be done per phase and potential pains and gains per phase.

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Validation: Assumption mapping

Prompt: Can you list the top 5 assumptions about desirability (will this solve a real need for B2B buyers and their employees), and viability (will we be able to create a viable business model to support the service)? Please outline the results in a table with 1 column for desirability assumptions and 1 for viability assumptions.

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Validation: Experiment design

Prompt: Could you create a simple (max 100 words) experiment design I could use to test the assumptions around the viability of CAC (customer acquisition cost)?

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Validation: Pricing conjoint

Prompt: Create a simple experiment design to measure price sensitivity towards speciality coffee products of Gen consumers using a conjoint analysis.

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Business model canvas

Prompt: Please create a simple business model canvas for the B2B mental health support platform in a table format.

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Go to market

Prompt: Assume that you’re the CEO of a start-up working on a B2B mental health platform. You have tested out different value propositions and you have a functional MVP. The next step is getting paying customers. Outline a brief go-to-market plan to get to the first 100 paying customers.

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Clay and Tyler

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