๐Ÿ“ถ 12 Lessons from Ben Ling (Founding GP @ Bling Capital)

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This weekโ€™s deep dive is on Ben Ling (@bling0), GP and founding partner at Bling Capital.

He was previously a GP at Khosla Ventures, and prior to that he held senior positions at Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Over the course of his career, he has backed 19 unicorns including companies like Square, Palantir, and Gusto.

Here are some of the lessons we learned from studying Ben and his career.

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You find whoโ€™s actually invested when things donโ€™t go according to plan. When the Dot Com bubble burst, the serious people kept building. The same things is happening today.

Winners are made by being able to bet when others arenโ€™t willing to bet. Contrarian investing is a dying art, but itโ€™s where all the money is made.

Many markets arenโ€™t actually winner-take-all markets. Sometimes you can have multiple winners in a given space.

The better you can exercise pricing discipline, the more shots on goal you can take. Founders that prioritize valuation over everything else will scare off the investors they actually want to take money from.

Unreasonable valuations remove optionality. Both from a future investment perspective and from an exit perspective.

Choosing investors should feel like choosing your team. Diluting your shares feels worth it when you partner with the right people, and it feels like robbery when you donโ€™t.

Trends are more important when you invest in consumer. Businesses are predictable; humans are not.

Conventional wisdom is usually wrong. Before Amazon, people wouldnโ€™t store their credit card online.


โ€œOnce a lead is identified, everybody else wants to follow.โ€

โ€œProven operators demand a premium.โ€

โ€œDifferent types of LPs like different types of risk exposure.โ€

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