7 Hospitality Investors Based in Boston

Your odds of raising from local investors are better than trying to raise capital from outside your city. We put together this list to help Boston-based founders connect with hospitality-based investors that write checks into Hospitality companies. Here are 7 investors that match that criteria.

1) Anoushka Ramkumar

  • Fund: Romulus Capital
  • Title: Associate
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B
  • Sectors: Agriculture Tech, AI, Internet of Things, Clean Tech, Cybersecurity, Digital Health and Wellness, Electronics, Fintech, Hospitality, Internet of Things, Logistics, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Enterprise, Proptech, Robotics

2) Senofer Mendoza

  • Fund: Mendoza Ventures
  • Title: Founder and General Partner
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B
  • Sectors: AR/VR, Marketing, AI, Art, Clean Tech, Cybersecurity, Future of Work, Fintech, DEI, Hospitality, Other Tech, Social Impact

3) Tracy Deforge

  • Fund: The Players’ Impact
  • Title: Founder
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B
  • Sectors: AR/VR, Marketing, Agriculture Tech, AI, Art, Cosmetics, Internet of Things, Cannabis, Clean Tech, Fashion, Cloud, Communications, Web3, Cybersecurity, Developer Tools, Digital Health and Wellness, Future of Work, E-Commerce, EdTech, Electronics, Entertainment, Fintech, Food and Beverage, eSports, Government Tech, DEI, Recruiting, Hospitality, Insurtech, Internet of Things, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketplaces, Chemicals, Media, Consumer, Enterprise, Other Tech, Parenting, Professional or Technical Services, Proptech, Quantum Computing, Food Services, Robotics, Sales Tech, Sex, Social Impact, Space, Transportation, Travel

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Hopefully this list helps you find more local investors that invest in companies in your sector. If you’re looking to pitch these investors + the rest of the Confluence.VC investor network, make sure to check out Commonapp.VC