Philadelphiaโ€™s 8 Best Venture Capital Firms in 2022

Philadelphia is a rising hub of entrepreneurship.

The city of brotherly love is home to unicorns like goPuff, Argo Al, dbt Labs, and Phenom People and success stories like these has led to more capital entering to find the next batch of success stories.

Here are eight of the top funds based in Philadelphia.


  1. Quaker BioVentures
  2. MissionOG
  3. Gabriel Investments
  4. Quaker Partners
  5. Karlani Capital
  6. Alliance Capital Ventures
  7. Greenhouse Ventures
  8. Sagona Capital
  1. Quaker BioVentures

    Quaker BioVentures is a venture capital firm investing in life science companies.

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  2. MissionOG

    MissionOG partners with high-growth businesses that have proven models in segments where we have had success as operators and investors, including financial services and payments, data platforms, and software.

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  3. Gabriel Investments

    Gabriel Investments is an early-stage investment group that supports companies in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas by providing capital for high-potential business opportunities.

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  5. Quaker Partners

    Quaker Partners is a healthcare investment firm focused on companies based on the U.S. East Coast.

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  6. Karlani Capital

    Karlani Capital is an operating fund that builds, buys, and invests in fast-growing, technology companies that serve and enrich humanity.

    Details on the fund:

  7. Alliance Capital Ventures

    Alliance Capital Ventures (ACV) provides equipment leasing to venture capital-backed and emerging growth companies located throughout the eastern half of the United States.

    Details on the fund:

  8. Greenhouse Ventures

    Greenhouse Ventures assists ancillary startups in building a sustainable cannabis industry.

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  9. Sagona Capital

    Sagona Capital, Inc. is a venture capital firm providing tech startups and SMEs with innovative alternative funding solutions, operational and strategic support and business development in the United States, in Europe and soon in Asia.

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