Los Angelesโ€™ 15 Best Venture Capital Firms in 2022

Los Angeles is arguably the best climate in the world. More sunshine equals better quality of life, and that magnet that has brought more founders over to the set up in Southern California.

The City of Angels is home to some of the hottest unicorns like Black Unicorn Factory, GOAT Group, Blockdaemon, Skims just to name a few. Like any market, founder success attracts more investor interest, and an explosion of funds have started to pop up in LA.

Here are 15 of the top VC funds based in Los Angeles.


  1. BAM Ventures
  2. Rainfall Ventures
  3. Crosscut
  4. TCG-The Chernin Group
  5. Karlin Ventures
  6. MaC Venture Capital
  7. Nimes Capital
  8. Fifth Wall
  9. MAGIC Fund
  10. Tiller Partners
  11. Shelter Capital Ventures
  12. Entertainment Media Ventures (EMV)
  13. JUMP Investors
  14. Monitor Ventures
  15. Presight Capital
  1. BAM Ventures

    BAM Ventures is an early-stage fund backing the next rising technologies, products, and services that delight consumers and transform commerce.

    Details on the fund:

  2. Rainfall Ventures

    Rainfall Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests in digital media, real estate technology, and analytics sectors.

    Details on the fund:

  3. Crosscut

    Crosscut is a seed-stage venture capital firm partnering with early-stage founders to build extraordinary high-growth tech companies.

    Details on the fund:

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  5. TCG-The Chernin Group

    TCG is a multi-stage investment firm that seeks to invest in and build these best-in-class companies.

    Details on the fund:

  6. Karlin Ventures

    Karlin Ventures, a California-based early-stage venture capital fund, invests in software, e-commerce, and advertising technology companies.

    Details on the fund:

  7. MaC Venture Capital

    MaC Venture Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on finding ideas, technology, and products that can become infectious.

    Details on the fund:

  8. Nimes Capital

    Nimes Capital provides strategic guidance and operational expertise to a firms in the clean technology and hospitality industries.

    Details on the fund:

  9. Fifth Wall

    Fifth Wall is a venture capital firm that focuses on technologies for the global real estate industry.

    Details on the fund:

  10. MAGIC Fund

    MAGIC Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund built by founders for founders.

    Details on the fund:

  11. Tiller Partners

    Tiller Partners is a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm that focuses on seed, early-stage venture and late-stage venture investments.

    Details on the fund:

  12. Shelter Capital Ventures

    Shelter Capital Partners investments media, wireless/communication, enterprise software, and semiconductor industries.

    Details on the fund:

  13. Entertainment Media Ventures (EMV)

    EMV is active in media investment and strategic advisory work, with a particular focus on innovative technologies and entities currently impacting the traditional boundaries of business, media and entertainment.

    Details on the fund:

  14. JUMP Investors

    JUMP Investors is an investment firm specialized in venture capital, private equity, real estate, and hedge funds.

    Details on the fund:

  15. Monitor Ventures

    Monitor Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to commercialize technology into world-class products and services.

    Details on the fund:

  16. Presight Capital

    Presight Capital is a venture capital firm investing in the most ambitious founders across sectors, stages, and geographies.

    Details on the fund:

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