How we use Visible for reporting

Data collection

  • This part is easy, and we just plug into existing software tools that we use for data collection.
  • We use Google Sheets, Stripe, and Mercury, and there are a number of other integrations supported.

Data visualization

  • Their software makes it easy to package up collected data and report on it in real-time.
  • You can set up Dashboard views that are created for different aspects of the business (we primarily track member engagement data + revenue data, but we think that most funds are more interested in portfolio KPI data).


  • We use the update editor within Visible to draft up monthly updates and share with members to show our progress.
  • The software allows you to segment contacts based on different tags (maybe you want to send a different message to existing LPs vs. prospecting LPs), and you can send updates to the right contacts with the click of a button.

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