8 Ways VCs Use Affinity To Manage Their Relationships

Affinity utilizes relationship intelligence based on team activity and networking to help venture capitalists leverage their network potential and find and manage customer relationships. Far advanced from platforms like LinkedIn, Affinity is designed for next-generation professionals in relationship-driven industries and focuses on what matters most – relationship management.



Affinity’s customer relationship platform covers everything from connecting to closing, and this relationship management is particularly important to venture capitalists.


 There are 8 ways venture capitalists are helped to manage their relationships:


  • Affinity Alliances™ Connections.
  • Relationship Intelligence.
  • Automatic Contact Population.
  • Centralizing Leads
  • Contact Follow up
  • Pipeline Management.
  • Affinity Reports.
  • Network Growth


Affinity Alliances™ Connections

Affinity utilizes a “six degrees of separation” system of introductions to connect venture capitalists with clients. This system is part of the Affinity Alliances,™ and helps users expand their contact network.


For example, if you are trying to work with Company B but you do not have a contact, Affinity Alliances™ will scan through your contacts to see who you know that does have a contact at Company B. Now, all you need to do is to ask that contact to make a warm introduction for you! This method of making introductions is a much more personable approach to business when compared to the more traditional “cold call” method that many venture capitalists use.


Relationship Intelligence

So that venture capitalists do not have to waste their time creating contact profiles for clients. Affinity automatically completes contact profiles by drawing on calendar data and inbox information. It then fills out Profiles with industry data. Better yet, the software routinely updates information to ensure that the most recent contact information is available for every contact in the address book.


Centralizing Leads

Affinity helps venture capitalists to centralize inbound leads and prioritize opportunities. Just filtering through the noise of leads daily wastes time and lets legitimate and money-making leads slip through the cracks. The software allows users to optimize their system by assigning one team to manage the inbound leads and filter through that noise. Legitimate leads can then be automatically filed in a centralized location ensuring that valuable information is prioritized.


Contact Follow Up

Affinity helps venture capitalists to centralize inbound leads and prioritize opportunities. Just filtering through the noise of business leads each day wastes time and lets legitimate and money-making business leads slip through the cracks.  Users can optimize their system by assigning one team to manage the inbound leads and filter through that noise. This lead filtering makes it easier to file legitimate business leads automatically in a centralized location, ensuring that valuable information gets prioritized.


Another way this software helps its users to build, manage, and grow their client base is by sending reminders for a follow-up.


Venture capitalists have many prospects and deals in the pipeline at one time. This proliferation of contacts can make it easy to forget to follow up with a promising one. One of the most crucial career leads may get overlooked because one email went unanswered.


Affinity makes it hard to forget about significant follow-up emails by sending a gentle nudge through the their virtual assistant as client relationships start to fall into the “at risk of loss” category. So, for example, if a venture capitalist uses Affinity to send out a contact email to a prospective client, but that email goes answered within a reasonable period, the software will nudge the account to follow up with the original email. For the user’s benefit, Affinity also provides a complete history of contact between the user and that client, so there is no scrambling for details when it comes time to follow up.


It’s contact follow-up feature is particularly useful for venture capital firms that manage thousands of clients and client contacts every month. There is no way that a firm that manages so many clients can recall each client and their previous discussions, so a well-maintained history of interaction is imperative.


Pipeline Management

Affinity’s pipeline management system allows venture capitalists to track long-term deal-making in a Kanban-style view, or a traditional spreadsheet view.


Affinity’s pipeline system:


  • Lets venture capitalists easily manage deals with a single click
  • Captures each interaction with clients to know the real time status of any deal
  • Shares deep analytics and deal status for operation improvement.


Affinity Reports

Venture capitalists can also use it’s streamlined system to run comprehensive reports to track clients and potential clients. Reports allow for vetting of new prospective clients, for users to do intelligent sourcing, and for existing clients and portfolios to be reviewed periodically for performance.


These reports are not only beneficial for those milestone events; however, they are also a valuable weekly review tool that can gauge progress or change in client value and intervene and re-evaluate that client before a significant financial hit occurs.


Risk Management

Affinity is also a good tool for risk management analysis regarding assessing existing clients and vetting new clients.


For new prospective clients, the comprehensive profile given to each contact provides a detailed background on that company and its staff. Affinity Alliances™ provides a reference point for mutual contacts to help assess any fallout from final funding decisions.


Reports allow regular performance reviews and long-term reviews that help to gauge investment progress when working with existing Affinity clients. The generated reports can determine whether future funding would be wise based on company health.


Through Affinity, venture capitalists can identify risks, quantify those risks, make an informed decision as to whether a risk is worth taking, and follow up through messaging with any venture capital fund partners.



With over 1,800 customers across seventy countries, it is no secret that Affinity is one of the most robust platforms for venture capitalist relationship management. It’s patented technology offers deal-driving insights and allows venture capitalists to find, manage, and close deals while building long-lasting professional relationships.

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