Fulfillment Policy

This page contains our fulfillment policy and agreement.


Description of what we sell

We sell four core offers through this website:

  • Memberships to our private community: Once a member applies, they are prompted to pay an annual fee in order to access a private community and other features we have created.
  • Venture capital services: This includes recruiting services and outsourcing investor work.
  • Digital products: We sell two digital products (Community Builder Playbook + Ultimate VC Resource Library). Both of these are meant to share unique knowledge we have built while creating this business.
  • Access to our talent collective and job board: We sell listings and access to venture capital jobs and talent.
  • Sponsorships: We work with a small handful of sponsors with offers relevant to our audience.


Purchase currency

Stripe is our payment processor, and all prices on our website are listed in USD. We accept all currencies that can be processed through Stripe.


Fulfillment policies

  • Refund policy: We do not offer refunds on any digital or physical product.ย 
  • Delivery policy: Digital products are delivered immediately. Physical products are delivered based on proximity to our suppliers.
  • Return policy: We do not offer returns to any orders.
  • Cancellation policy: Customers can cancel any subscription product whenever they please.ย 


Privacy policy

More information on our privacy policy can be found here: https://confluence.vc/privacy/.