Happy Easter!


Here are some product and service discounts from Confluence and our partner network. These deals only last until midnight EST on Monday (4/10).



Community Builder Playbook

What it is: The playbook we followed to build the top online community in our niche


What’s inside: 23 lessons on everything we’ve learning building, scaling, and monetizing a community


Who it’s for: Online community builders


Discount: Use the discount code “EASTERCBP2023” to get 20% off

Ultimate VC Resource Library

What it is: Your cheat code to being a great junior VC


What’s inside: 350+ resources to become a better investor


Who it’s for: People wanting to break in or better understand venture capital


Discount: Use the discount code “EASTER2023” to get 20% off


Investor Recruiting Service

What it is: Service matching top investor talent with venture capital and growth equity fund openings


Who it’s for: Funds that want to hire better investors for their team


Discount: Get 10% off your first placement by mentioning the Easter discount in our scheduling form

Venture Consulting Service

What it is: Part-time investment services (sourcing, memo creation, research, etc.)


Who it’s for: First-time funds that need analysts but can’t afford full-time employees yet


Discount: Get 10% off your first project by mentioning the Easter discount in our welcome form

Partner Network


What it is: A suite of products to help finance teams operate more effectively


Who it’s for: Startup and growth-stage CFOs


Discount: Spend $1,000 on a Brex card to get 50,000 free points


What it is: Workflows to boost organic traffic, improve visibility, and improve search engine ranking


Who it’s for: Marketing teams that are investing into SEO


Discount: Use this link to get your first-week free


What it is: AI writing assistant to help marketing teams produce quality content faster


Who it’s for: Marketing teams with a lean budget


Discount: Start with a free trial


What it is: Build a front-end on top of an Airtable or Google Sheets database


Who it’s for: No-code builders


Discount: Start a free trial (no CC required)


What it is: A newsletter hosting platform that gives creators superpowers to grow and monetize their audience


Who it’s for: Newsletter writers


Discount: Start writing on beehiiv for free


What it is: All-in-one payroll software for teams with employees all over the world


Who it’s for: HR teams of global companies


Discount: Use this link for a free demo

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