How This Investor Went From Venture Investing to Community Building to LP Investing

What’s up 👋


I’m Clay.


I co-founded Confluence.VC.


Here’s my elevator pitch story plus what I’m up to now.

What’s your name?

Clay Norris


What’s the name of your fund?

Sage Collective


What is the thesis of your fund? What gaps exist, and how are you planning to solve for them?

We believe the best way to invest is through connected capital and partnering with the right people. Our strategy involves investing into the best venture capital fund of funds, funds, and direct opportunities that will create massive opportunities over the coming decades.


What was your path to where you are today?

I started my career in venture and worked for two different funds.


The first one was focused on fintech seed investments, and the second one was a generalist software fund. I was always the dumbest one in the room, and I was always reading from different pockets of the internet in order to get up-to-speed faster.


That process led me to create Confluence.VC with Tyler in order to solve our own pain points and make it easier for junior investors to become better in their roles.


Confluence started as a resource library, and it has evolved to a private Slack community, investor directory, media empire, and deal flow channel for some of the best investors in the world.


After spending a little over a year on the growth team at a company called Visible, I joined Sage to focus on LP investments.


What are you primarily focused on in your day-to-day? Are there certain sectors, stages, and geographies where you focus your time?

I am primarily focused on venture capital fund of funds and fund investments. We like to invest as early as possible (Pre-Seed – Series A), we love sector specialists, and we don’t have geographic constraints (although the majority of our investments will be based in the US).


What’s the best way for people to reach out to you?

Either through Twitter (@ClayNorris10) or email (


Venture is an awesome game to play …


but only if you know the right people. 


If you’re stuck on an island trying to do everything yourself … good luck.


Whether it’s trying to search for answers on how to navigate the job, find best-in-class service providers, or look for the type of deal flow you actually want to diligence … 


it pays to know people. 


We built Confluence.VC to solve for our own problems, and today 1,800+ other VCs and growth equity investors use it solve their problems too.


Apply here to see if we can help you do the same.