Improve Cross-Functional Collaboration

One of the primary challenges of navigating a growing team is getting — and keeping — everyone on the same page. Cross-functional collaboration enables stakeholders across teams to check in with each other and ensure they’re pushing projects forward. We have cross-functional syncs all the time at Loom: sales and support; marketing and brand; engineering […]

How To Record A Presentation

The power of a presentation lies in its ability to educate and inspire. But why limit access to inspiring ideas because of the time slot in which they were presented? PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote slides have become the go-to format for delivering supporting content to help audiences from classrooms to boardrooms engage with ideas. […]

Best practices for internal communications on Notion

Internal communication is extremely important for keeping high-preforming teams aligned. As your team grows, it demands more structure, more thoughtful updates, and the intentional collection of cross-functional information. When it comes to internal communication, Notion can help you stay organized and make sure every team member is up to date on important company topics. In […]

How to set up your Notion workspace for your team

Getting your team’s Notion workspace organized starts by creating centralized systems for accessing information, managing projects, and enabling cross-functional collaboration. Once you’ve set the foundation, your team can go about customizing these workflows depending on their needs. From engineering product roadmaps to your marketing team’s wiki, the baseline systems you establish when onboarding your team […]