How to save hours cleaning content using Descript

80% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading text. Video is clearly the more effective way to reach consumers. It’s more engaging, it converts better…  but making good video is hard, time consuming, and expensive. Descript makes powerful editing easy and collaborative, so you can tell your story with video without an editing degree. […]

How to build community around your publication

Writing for an audience is about more than publishing posts; it’s about bringing people together over a shared topic or perspective on the world. Community-building often gets us excited to jump into the what, how, where, and when of organizing. Publish a post! Start a Slack group! Host a conference! But these tactics are more effective when you first […]

How we use Visible for reporting

Data collection This part is easy, and we just plug into existing software tools that we use for data collection. We use Google Sheets, Stripe, and Mercury, and there are a number of other integrations supported. Data visualization Their software makes it easy to package up collected data and report on it in real-time. You […]

The Solopreneur Curriculum

Necessary information to make money on the internet The fastest way to increasing your earning power is by increasing your skillset. In order to increase your skill, you can either teach yourself through experimentation, or you can follow the hard-earned lessons from experts. One of these options is slow, and the other option allows you […]