50 Lessons From the Next Era of Venture Capital Investors

We’ve spent the past few years studying, building for, and making friends with the next era of VCs. These investors have looked at tens of thousands of companies, and they’ve built up a wealth of knowledge on what makes companies valuable and what the world will look like a decade from now. Here are 50 […]

Run a paid community through MemberSpace

As you begin building your membership business, you’ll find that you start to attract a community of engaged and excited people, all interested in what you have to offer. It’s only natural that as your audience grows, they’ll want to interact with you (and each other) more. A paid community is the perfect opportunity to […]

How we improved email open rates with better headlines

Getting people to consistently open your emails is a daunting task. Email marketers and newsletter writers evaluate themselves primarily on two metrics: open rate and click-through rate. Open rate is a proxy for how well you capture attention; click-through rate is a proxy for how well you turn that attention into action. The average email […]

Coolest Things I Learned Over the Past Year (2021 Edition)

This was originally shared in our weekly newsletter. Subscribe here if you’re looking to get more content like this in your inbox every week. Communities are for collaborators; platforms are for creators. People angel invest for social status more so than returns. Email lists are still the best form of followers. Owned > rented audiences […]

Confluence.VC 2021 Recap

2021 was crazy. We were able to turn this community into a business, and we were only able to do that because of the support from each of you. Whether you pay us with money or your attention – thank you for helping us get this thing off the ground. Our 2021 recap linked below […]

How the best online communities monetize

Biggest takeaways from this research: Layering monetization options makes communities antifragile. If you are too reliant on one source, that source becomes a liability. “Build distribution, then build whatever you want.” All of the community builders featured here used their followings to attract a community of likeminded people. Build content magnets, then use your community […]

Breaking down the Confluence.VC funnel

The average freemium product has a 2-5% free-to-paid conversion. We currently convert over 12% of our members from free-to-paid which has allowed us to scale our recurring revenue noticeably over the past four months.  This guide is meant to share some things that have worked for us so that you can apply them to your own funnels. High-level […]

The community income opportunity

Why do people join online communities? For most, it is a combination of the following: Growth and development – through learning and asking questions they can’t find anywhere else Increased network – through better connection to likeminded individuals Better job opportunities – through an increased network and exposure to roles before they are shared in […]

How to get better deal flow

Deal flow is the life blood of any fund.  Finding quality sources of deal flow takes time, but it becomes a cheat code for VCs once it’s figured out. It allows investors to be pickier, allocate capital into better companies, and generate better returns. If deals are slow to come by, capital becomes harder to […]

Why VC Hiring Sucks

Five reasons the current process is broken and one solution to hiring better investors Breaking into VC is a dream for many, but a reality for few. Venture funds operate on a fee structure, and this structure impacts their hiring decisions. Firms need investors with unique skill sets and networks, and they typically need to […]