16 Best VC Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2022

Weโ€™ve spent the past four years studying the best venture capital newsletters so you donโ€™t have to.

Here are the 16 of the best VC newsletters you should subscribe to if you want to get smarter about all things venture capital.

Confluence.VC Weekly

The most valuable newsletter focused on venture capital.

Subscribers get weekly posts that includes wisdom from future stars of venture capital, venture capital jobs, early-stage deal flow, deep dives on how to create value on the internet, and monthly behind the scenes looks at what it is like building an internet business.


VC newsletter focused on what is happening.

Includes top VC news and why you should care. This is a good newsletter for people that want to keep a pulse with the market.

First Round Review

Some of the best advice in tech delivered to your inbox.

First Round is one of the most-respected venture capital firms in the world. Their team puts out great content and advice that is geared for people in tech and venture capital.

Term Sheet

Stay up-to-speed on funding events.

Term Sheet will recap the biggest news of the day and provide all the notable funding events from the prior day. A lot of analysts and associates at venture funds rely on this newsletter to help them build their pipeline from the funding section.

CB Insights

A newsletter to make you smart about tech.

This is one of the largest tech newsletters, and they share a lot of useful content. Most of it is either behind a paywall or requires an email address to view, but their market maps are especially useful for VCs trying to understand different sectors of the economy.

Not Boring

Business strategy and trends, but not boring.

Every week, Packy breaks down complex ideas and makes them easy to understand. This is a great resource for any VCs that are looking to better understand current trends.

Bottom Up by David Sacks

The best resource on the internet for understand bottom up SaaS.

David Sacks is a pioneer of this category of software investing, and he shares everything heโ€™s learned in this newsletter. This is a must-read for anybody investing in software today.

John Gannon Blog

Venture capital jobs and career resources

John Gannon is OG when it comes to sharing VC jobs. He still shares dozens of venture capital roles every week in his newsletter. This is a great newsletter for anybody looking to break into a new VC role.

Product Hunt Daily

A daily digest of whatโ€™s new at Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the best place to create demand for your startup, and this newsletter recaps all of the best new startups they see. This is a great source of deal flow for anybody working in venture.


Analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media

Ben Thompson has been writing this daily newsletter for the past 10+ years. Heโ€™s the best at what he does, and this is a great resource for anybody looking to better understand tech strategy and potential implications and second order effects of strategy decisions in tech.

The Generalist

Learn what matters in tech and crypto.

Every week, subscribers get a free email unpacking one of the most important companies in tech and crypto. This is a great resource for anybody investing in crypto or tech to get deeper insights into specific companies, how they work, and why they matter.

Venture Upward

A field guide for surviving, getting ahead, and succeeding as a venture capitalist.

This is one of the better under-the-radar VC newsletters. Itโ€™s written by two partners at one of the best funds in the world, and they give you hard-earned advice on how to win as a junior VC. This is a must read for anybody starting their career in venture.

Tomasz Tunguz Newsletter

Macro lessons about investing and business building

Tunguz is a partner at Redpoint, and he has one of the sharpest minds in venture. He shares insightful data and findings that should be helpful for anybody looking to make sense of whatโ€™s going on.

Hunter Walk Newsletter

Findings and lessons from a seed investor

Hunter is a partner at Homebrew, and he shares whatโ€™s interesting in his world semi-regularly in his newsletter. This is a good resource for other seed investors that want ideas and inspiration.


The largest community for students and recent grads interested in startups and VC

This is a weekly newsletter about tech and VC that features the news you need to know, jobs and internships, and trends to watch. This is a great resource for anybody looking to break into VC.

Benedict Evans

What actually matters in tech

Benedict used to be a partner at a16z, and he has written a weekly newsletter on major trends and his analysis for the past decade. These are solid bits of information for anybody that invests based on the macro environment.

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